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Why Shop at Bonschelle?

There are countless online jewellery retailers these days, from individual sellers to large established global companies. With so much choice out there why should you shop at Bonschelle? We value our customers and aim to provide excellent customer service, but we also provide the following:

  • Unique jewellery designs: We offer a great range of unique and unusual high quality handmade jewellery, not mass produced. You won't find our designs on the high street. 
  • Low Shipping Costs : We try and keep our shipping prices low based on how much is ordered, and offer a choice of delivery types.
  • Easy to navigate site: Clear navigation and links are provided on each page.
  • Clear product information: Each item is described fully so you know what you will be getting, and and our transparent shipping information let's you know when you will be getting it.
  • Secure registration: Your name, address etc. is encrypted when sent during account creation. You'll see https:// and a green padlock in your browser bar which you can click onto get more information about security on this website (you may like to also see our blog post 7 Tips for Shopping Safely Online). You can also find out about security on this site by clicking the Trustwave seal in the footer or clicking here .
  • Secure checkout and payment: We don't store any payment information such as credit card details on this site, and checkout is also encrypted. Payment is made via PayPal, either with your PayPal account if you have one, or with a debit/credit card (for more information about Paypal security visit their information page). You don't need to have a PayPal account.
  • Privacy: We never share your personal details with third parties (for more information see our Privacy Policy).
  • Jewellery box included with every jewellery order: No having to buy a box separately to keep it in or to send the item as a gift.
  • Contribution to making a difference - Bonschelle donates from profits to a charitable cause, so each purchase you make makes a difference. For more information see our Charity Donations page.

You can create an account or just shop as a guest customer. If you have any questions or feedback about shopping at Bonschelle please do contact us.