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Bonschelle Metal Clay Firing Service

Bonschelle Metal Clay Firing Service

Crafting with metal clay is fun, creative, and you can obtain beautiful results with less cost than silver or gold clays. However a kiln is needed to fire the dried clay pieces as they need to be covered with carbon in order to fire correctly. Not everyone has the resources to buy a kiln and buying one can be costly if you only wish to make clay pieces as a hobby every now and then. But you needn't miss out on enjoying this great craft - at Bonschelle we can fire your items for you for a small charge. Add the service to your cart at the bottom of this page. 

Please note this service is for items made with Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay items only. We cannot guarantee the outcome of firing other clays. Please see our current rates belowand the terms and conditions:

What's included:

  • Full kiln firing according to Bonschelle Metal Clay instructions (for 1 hour at stage 2)
  • Pickling after firing to remove firescale

How to Order


Pay online:


Add the service to your cart by clicking on the service product at the bottom of this page, according to the number of items you would like fired, checkout and then send your items to us together with a firing service form. 

Sending items to us

Metal clay items can break easily in their dried clay form. Therefore please ensure when sending them that they are packaged well to avoid breakage during transit. It is recommended that you obtain proof of posting. 

Firing Service Rates

Number of itemsCost                                       
1 - 6£12.00
Each additional 6 items£10.00  (£2.00 saving)


Terms and Conditions:

- This service is for Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay only. Items will be fired and despatched within 5 working days of reciept if payment.

- The rates charged are based on average jewellery sizes and thickness. If you have any large items (i.e. greater than a diameter of approximately 5cm) and wish to have more than 4 items fired please contact us first.

- Any inclusions such as gemstones or metal findings must be kiln fireable. We can not accept responsibility for any unsuccessful firings due to non-kiln safe inclusions. We are unable to fire any items which require support e.g. sculptural pieces.

- It is recommended that items considered valuable are sent to us are sent using Special Delivery as this covers the loss of items in transit. This is also recommended for return of the items to you.

- Although every reasonable care is taken with firing, Bonschelle can not accept responsibility for any items damaged during firing or shipping. We reserve the right to refuse to fire any items we consider unsuitable for firing (we will contact you in this event).

If you have any questions about using this service please Contact Us. 

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