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Unleash your Creativity with Bonschelle Metal Clay

 Easy to mix - Easy to use - Use only what you need each time 

If you've always wanted to make beautiful jewellery, accessories, or other creative items from metal, Bronze Metal Clay is a fabulous medium to use and is as easy to work with as regular craft clay or plasticine.  

It is quick and easy to use with just a few simple tools (many of which you can find around the home) and your own creativity. It's a great way to begin jewellery making with bronze metal without the steep learning curve and cost that comes with traditional  jewellery metalsmithing methods. Also it is cost effective and useful for the  practicing  and testing out designs that you may want to make in silver or gold metal clay, without the costly wastage that can come from refining designs or making mistakes. 

Some metal clay brands are pre-mixed into the clay form. The disadvantage of premade clays is that once the packet is opened the clay can dry out quickly and unused parts have to be hydrated again. Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay comes in a convenient powder form so you can use just the amount you need each time, and comes in a handy container which can be used for mixing. Unused powder stored dry will keep for months, ready to make a new batch of clay when you are.

The powder is mixed with a little water to make a smooth clay like consistency. Because it is in a clay form it is easy to handle - simply shape and  texture as required  and then leave to dry. Once dried the clay is fired in a kiln, to burn off the binder and sinter the metal. The result is metal which can be polished or further enhanced.

But what if you don't have a kiln? No problem! We offer an inexpensive kiln firing service for items made with  Bonschelle Metal Clay. Send us your dried clay pieces and we will fire them, pickle them (i.e. remove the firescale) and return them to you ready for polishing. 

We have a starter kit which includes a 50gm pot of clay powder, tools, detailed instructions and a free project to help get you started, ideal for beginners in metal clay. The kit has recently been featured in Making Jewellery Magazine (Sept. 2015). You may also like to visit our Metal Clay Tutorials sections.

We'd love to see your finished creations - you can share them with us on our facebook page!


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