Jewellery Care

Bonschelle jewellery care

Jewellery can last a lifetime, so once you have bought some jewellery you want to keep it looking good. Generally is it best if  jewellery is removed before bathing or swimming. Here are some other  tips on how to care for your jewellery (please note this is a guide only and Bonschelle can not accept responsibility for the results of cleaning jewellery).



Bronze, silver and plated metals naturally oxidize over time. This is a natural reaction of the metals with airborne chemicals, and oils from the skin can also contribute to this.  Bronze jewellery items purchased from Bonschelle are finished with a high quality metal jewellery sealer which reduces the risk of tarnishing and helps preserve the beautiful golden sheen. Over a very long period of time it is possible that some tarnishing may still occur, dependent on how much contact with the skin there is and acidity of the skin. Some people like the oxidisation that can build up over time as it gives an antique look to jewellery. However, if tarnishing does occur and you prefer your jewellery to keep a bright shine, the following will help:

  • After wearing your jewellery wipe with a soft cloth to remove any oils which have transferred from your skin 
  • Keep your jewellery in a tightly closed box, or sealed plastic bag. Enclosing an anti-tarnish strip with the jewellery will also help.
  • If you have used any kind of cream or  liquid polish on the jewellery it's important to ensure that all residue is thoroughly cleaned off before storing the item otherwise tarnishing may still occur.

Polishing Metal Jewellery

Our bronze jewellery is sealed with a high quality jewellery sealer to help reduce oxidisation and preserve the bright golden sheen. Polishing the jewellery if it has not tarnished may therefore remove this protection so it is not recommended.  If however you find the jewellery is tarnishing and wish to polish it here are our recommendations:

Silver Jewellery:

Harsh or abrasive chemicals are not recommended. We recommend using a standard silver polishing cloth, followed by buffing with a soft cloth.

Bronze Jewellery:

You can use a standard silver polishing cloth to polish the jewellery and then gently buff with a soft cloth.  I have found this works very well and is quick and easy. I do not advise using harsh or abrasive chemicals such as some brass cleaners. A good quality polish such as Wernol (Glanol), followed by buffing with a soft cloth works well too, but all polish residue must be thoroughly removed. 

Jewellery containing beads, gemstones, cold enamel, or other colour accents:

Care should be taken not to use any abrasive polishes or cloths on any gemstones, beads, cold enamel or colour accent parts of the jewellery as this could cause scratches or marks on the surface, or cause some removal of the accent. To polish around these areas a cotton bud is really useful - dab a small amount of polish on the tip of the cotton bud and carefully wipe over the metal area, then buff with a soft cloth. Or carefully use the tip of a jewellery polishing pad. 

Gold-filled jewellery:

It is best to avoid harsh or abrasive polishing products as this can remove the gold plating. Simply wipe with a little warm water and a soft cloth and ensure the item is fully dry before storing away. 

 Non-Jewellery Items:

Some items such as bronze finding supplies may be left unsealed (please see individual product descriptions). To restore the original colour and shine follow the advice given above for jewellery care.

Glass Jewellery

For glass pendants gently wipe the glass surface with a damp cloth and dry to remove and fingermarks or smudges. For the pendants with silver plated bails, the bails are sealed with a high quality jewellery sealer, as our bronze jewellery. Avoid cleaning these with any harsh abrasives, wipe only with a soft cloth if necessary so as to not remove the sealer. Our bronze bails can be treated as the guidance for metal jewellery polishing above.

Glass Capped Keyrings

For glass capped keyrings gently wipe the glass surface with a soft cloth if it gets smudged or dirty. Do not wet the glass or immerse the keyring in water as this may affect the adhesion of the glass causing it to separate from the bezel.


These items should be treated like fine jewellery. Follow the same general tips as given for storage at the top of this article. Avoid exposure to lotions, makeup or harsh chemicals and remove before bathing or swimming. To avoid scratching the surface store in the Bonschelle jewellery box the item came with, or soft cloth type wrapping or tissue. To clean use a soft damp cloth with lukewarm water and a very mild detergent, nothing abrasive or harsh.


If you have any questions about Bonschelle jewellery please contact me.