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Bronze Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate a bronze wedding anniversary for a friend or loved one with an original handmade gift. A bronze anniversary traditionally celebrates the 8th or 19th year of marriage.  With a variety of  of unique handmade polished bronze jewellery items, and bronze accessories such as keyrings and sentiment ornaments to choose from, you can be sure of giving a gift with meaning for this special occasion.

All jewellery comes with a jewellery box, and accessories have either gift bags or boxes (please see individual product descriptions for details).

My bronze items are hand crafted in my own brand of artisan kiln fired bronze, taking several stages to complete each piece. The bronze is polished to a beautiful gold tone and professionally finished to help resist tarnishing and retain the beautiful golden colour.

Because of the hand made nature of each item natural variations can occur in the finished pattern detail from images shown, giving you a unique item.